Posted by: endithinks | October 19, 2008

On Powell and opinion piece

Powell articulated why we should all vote for Obama this morning on Meet the Press.  He was eloquent and distinguished and he made a good pitch.  If you haven’t seen the endorsement you should really check it out here.

I think that it goes to show that even someone with such a distinguished record backs Obama.  Now I don’t forgive Powell for going along with the Iraq war in the first place, but at least with this endorsement he can see the broader picture.  This next President has a lot on his plate and amongst the two biggest are the economy and the way we are seen in the world.

Bush has been a disaster on the international front.  We still are the number one destination for immigration, but that is despite Bush’s failed policies.  The next President will need to show intellectual curiosity and a willingness to sit down with friends and enemies to make us safer and to bind us to other countries both politically and economically.  I say instead of sending bombs to Baghdad and Tehran we send Fords, Nike, and McDonald’s.

Also here is an opinion piece from the NY Times that I think sums up one of the reasons why the Republican party is so divided.

Opinion Piece


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