Posted by: endithinks | October 18, 2008

On Being American, Fascism and the right wing

First of all this Representative has been channeling McCarty for quite some time now.  Representative Bachmann from Minnesota on Hardball last night sent out a call for the press to do a deep investigation of Congress to weed out those who are Pro American from those who are Anti American.

Firstly, they are all elected officials.  She is putting fear out in the cosmos that dwarfs the fear that the Palin/McCain campaign have been tossing around.  Bachmann never truly says what Anti American is but she uses these phrases over and over again:

Liberal, leftist, anti-American.

So anyone who is a liberal is Anti American?  What country does she think she is living in?  Are we in Fascist Italy via El Dulce?  I can’t believe that she is serious calling into question someones patriotism because they are on the left.

So I thin that Larry King said it best last night on his show if the Left is Marxist, then the right must be Fascist.

So what is Fascist anyway?  Well we know that Fascist is an overzealous love of country to the denigration of all other nations.  The best example: Germany via Nazi Party.

Police State Ultra Nationalistic

Police State Ultra Nationalistic


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