Posted by: endithinks | October 16, 2008

On McCain’s seething Anger: a letter

Dear Senator McCain,

Last night Obama made clear that he is the candidate who understands where people are coming from.  He answered the questions directly to the people and was very candid and did not shy away from the attacks that you were lobbing at him.

You sir, were red faced and angry most of the night and put up quote marks about “a woman’s health” in a derisive and dismissive manner. You showed that you really do not care about women at all and implied that you would not support choice even if the woman’s health was a concern.

Sir you also fell into Obama’s trap and brought up Ayers.  Obama knocked it out of the park talking about how he was 8 years old and pointing out the facts we all knew about Ayers and his “relationship.”  I think Barack really brought the house down when he mentioned the people that influence him politically and he mentioned Biden, Luger, Webb, Warren Buffet and others from both ends of the political spectrum. 

You stomped into an ambush and you once again showed your lack of understanding, bellicose attitudes, disregard for women, and your personal rancor with Obama. You were rolling your eyes, blinking more than 3000 times, caught off guard by Obama’s defense, sneering, snorting into your microphone and repeating again and again that Americans were Angry.

Americans aren’t angry Mr McCain: they are scared; they are tired; they are sick of a a government for the rich and by the rich.  Americans want real change and an end of the infighting.  They want and deserve a government that actually works.  We are fearful of our retirement accounts dwindling, our prestige around the world being destroyed by eight years of “Cowboy Diplomacy” and we do not more of the same.  You said you are not George Bush, that is true, you SUPPORT Bush 90% of the time. 

You’ve been wrong before and you were wrong again. We are not angry Senator; the only Angry person we see is you.


  1. Thank you for bringing up McCain’s shameful “quotation” moment- I was mortified.

    Since when is a woman’s health an “extreme scenario”?

    McCain believes that living, breathing women deserve less consideration- which equates to having less rights- than an unborn fetus.

    We, as women, should be terrified of this man.

    Obama/Biden ’08

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