Posted by: endithinks | October 10, 2008

On the ol Catfish and his flailing spending policies

I am very concerned with the very socialistic tendencies we are seeing from the Bush White House and of course candidate Catfish.  It is starting to really make me wander Where are all the fiscal conservatives?!

Now I am a strange bird, I am liberal to the extreme on social and foreign policy, but I am conservative on fiscal policies.  I don’t think the government should be throwing money at various problems trying to solve them unless that money is towards education, health care and rebuilding our own infrastructure.

The ol Catfish has just dropped another bomb in his erratic, fundamentally confusing campaign promises; he wants U.S. taxpayers to buy out the bad mortgages on homes.  Now I am all for helping our fellow citizen, but the buyout of the mortgages is not the right way to go.  We should negotiate with the lending companies and open up the purchases to both private industries or perhaps supplement the rate of pay with the Lonee.  For instance if someone had an ARM on a 300K house but the interest was killing them then the government could help negotiate the rates to a stable rate and perhaps offer a bit of help by supplementing the payment for a certain percentage.

I do not want the government owning people’s homes.  That is too much leverage on the average citizen to risk.  If the government owns the papers to your home they have you and can then manipulate you any way they see fit.  Maybe the draft isn’t necessary when you own someones house.  You can simply encourage them to join the military if they want to see that home stay theirs.

I know this is conspiracy like and I apologize, but it is one possible scenario.  I think the ol Catfish is throwing out whatever he can to get someone to vote for him.

Today the results of Troopergate will come out let’s see how they will handle that if Palin gets impeached from her governorship.



  1. Good morning. almost never delve into the political wranglings of the day, however, one thing about the current situation is notable. This global meltdown in the markets is so profound that even the supposed experts don’t have a grasp on it. Ths continual soundbyte-oriented speeches from both major candidates reveal that nether has the understanding that we are in a very different world than we were just a couple of months ago.

    The current administration is clueless as well; failing to understand the dangers of this mingling of government and private sector entities. This is a new world to be sure.

  2. Very interesting scenario that the government could pressure homeowners to join the military if it buys out their mortgages… What do they call that… backdoor draft?

    I hadn’t thought of it this way.

    What I was wondering is whether the government buying out the bad mortgages isn’t going to essentially hurt taxpayer who’ll essentially be the ones fronting the cash for that buyout.

    *sigh* I tend to agree with timbob that this financial mess is just way too complicated!

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