Posted by: endithinks | October 9, 2008

On what scares me

Today I had a student stay after class and ask me a question.  “You mentioned we are in two wars.  What do you mean the war on terrorism or something?”

I had mentioned in passing that sometimes it is important to see the bigger picture and I used the example of the United States fighting two wars and no one here at home even noticing.  (Obviously a pretty borderline political statement.)  I was struck with this question.  This adult did not even know that we are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

When I told her she was like “Oh you mean we are still there?  I thought maybe you were talking about Bosnia.  Are we still in Bosnia?”

How can you not know that the country you are living in is engaged in murder in two different areas of the world? This is what scares me.  This is why people don’t care about the fact that we have killed 4100 of our own and tens of thousands of Iraqis for one man’s revenge.  We care more about our 401K and gas prices than our fellow man and woman.

I’m so livid right now.  How can you call yourself a citizen and not know a very basic fact about the murder that is going on in yours and mine names?

And don’t start me on the ‘War on Terror.”  How are you going to wage a war against an idea?  The idea is fear and murder.  What do you think war is?  It is terrorism.  Bush is the biggest terrorist in the world.  He has been responsible for more death than anyone else. 

Check the stats

Iraqi Deaths


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