Posted by: endithinks | October 6, 2008

On Taliban seeking peace

Finally a piece of good news.  The Taliban have split with Al Queda and want to broker peace in Afghanistan.  The country they are using as a go between in Saudi Arabia.

Here is the complete story here.

Taliban Split

This is compelling news and gives me some hope.  The interesting piece of these talks is that one of the main driving forces behind these first attempts at peace talks is two fold.  Firstly, the fear of Iran taking advantage of the Afghanistan situation as Iran has gained in influence in Iraq due to the U.S. invasion and regime change from Sunni minority Baath party to the Shite majority government. (Iran is Shia and the peoples of Iran and Iraq have had many connections and relationships that were held down by Saddam and his Sunni Baathist party.)

Iran has been sending supplies, allowing missionaries and caravans of pilgrims to visit the holy sites in Iran.  Iran has also sent medical supplies, monies and educational help.  The main beneficiary of the U.S. lead invasion of Iraq has in fact been the strengthening of Iran’s influence in the region.

Saudi Arabia does not want Iran to grow in influence and the severing of ties between the Taliban and Al Queda is a step in the right direction.  Saudi Arabia has a Sunni ruling class and is one of the world’s few remaining Kingdoms.

The second reason the Taliban has decided to split and seek peace with the Afghanistani government is because neither side can win.  This is the essence of guerrilla warfare.  Conventional armies are not able to win as long as the culture wants to fight.  The insurgents or militants simply have to survive in order to claim victory.  Conventional armies need to control land and resources. 

So both the Taliban and the Afghanistan and U.S. forces cannot claim victory if either side can.  It is good to see diplomacy and reason starting to make a comeback.


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