Posted by: endithinks | October 3, 2008

On the Debate Biden Palin

The debate was much more about two people facing each other than the Obama/McCain “I don’t see you in the room at all”(mostly McCain) debate the other week.  I also think they genuinely liked each other.  I thought both Palin and Biden were very gracious and both acknowledged the fact that they had kids in the war.  Biden even at the end said “And most especially maybe selfishly for both of us(indicating Palin) may God protect our troops.”

I thought that Biden proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he knows his stuff.  I like that he was giving specifics and he was genuine.  He answered the questions and he deflected all of Palin’s attacks especially when she tried to say Obama didn’t care about troops.  McCain voted the same way as Obama.

It was interesting to hear that they once again decided to go on the attack of mainstream media and once again tried to lie about Obama’s tax plans.  It was the same old attack over and over again and the same old lies.

Biden also used the campaigns attack against McCain repeating that McCain is more of the same.  The difference between the two attacks though was that Biden had evidence to back up his claims and he point blank challenged Palin to disprove on any major issue that people actually care about how McCain was different than Bush.  She could not answer instead challenging that Biden was looking in the past.

Biden responded  The Past is Prologue.  (Absolutely Brilliant!)

Still I think that this debate did a good thing mostly for Palin since she has had such a tough week.  I think that she studied well and did not look out of sorts.  Once again I think she is a compelling nice person.  I would like to meet her and she seems like a good person with a loving family.  I just get scared to death of her as Vice President or potentially President.  Why is it that I a schmuck know more about the world than the potential leader of the free world?

That is the issue.  I want a President who is smarter, more informed, and calmer than I.

I think that Biden proved that he is ready and would make a great President and Vice President.  I also think he connected with regular people honestly not in a gimmicky “don’t cha know” type of way as Governor Palin did.

Oh my gosh scariest moment when Palin said the Vice President should have more power.  She said she agrees with Dick Cheney.  I almost fainted.  Dick Cheney has been the worst Vice President in history.  He has shredded the Constitution and has overstepped his authority continuously.

Here is what the constitution says the Vice President can do:

Role of the Vice President

[edit] Duties

The formal powers and role of the vice president are limited by the Constitution to becoming President should the President become unable to serve (e.g. due to the death, resignation, or medical impairment of the President) and acting as the presiding officer of the U.S. Senate.

That is it.  The officer of the Senate means he or she can cast a tie breaking vote in the case of a 50 50 split.  That is the only power a Vice President has according to the Constitution…you know the document our entire democracy is based on.


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