Posted by: endithinks | October 3, 2008

On the Bailout

So the vote passed.  I have to say I am disappointed because I think that we need to feel the repercussions or we will continue down the path of deregulation and excess borrowing.  We need to be more sensible and not so concerned with making excessive amounts of profits.

Also let’s be honest small businesses need to start having actual capital not just borrowed money.  Perhaps this financial credit crunch will allow us to get back to fiscal responsibility.  I just hope that the plan works and is effective.  Maybe this is the wake up call we needed.  We can’t have a completely free market.  Government needs to play a role of mediator and oversight.  Not too much mind you, but enough so that we do not get in the situation where taxpayers have to step in to save companies “too big to fail.”

Here is the story from the AP.

Bailout passes.


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