Posted by: endithinks | September 30, 2008

On Political Nicknames

I wanted to round up my favorite political nicknames that have been burning through the interwebs through the last few months.

I will pull out my favorite ones for each of the major candidates and explain why I think they are amusing.

McCain=The ol’ Catfish/fossil/warmonger

This nickname(catfish) is just so fitting and hilarious.  It evokes a surly, foul tempered, blustery, bellicose temperament and McCain has a temper that is well documented.

Obama=The One/the Savior

A great name that takes Obama’s gifts and turns them into satire.  The funny thing about it is that Hillary Clinton tried to use this type of negative campaigning and it failed miserably.  In fact didn’t she try to use the “Experience ready from day one” argument that McCain is parroting now?  Hmm how did that work out for her?

Palin=Caribou Barbie

Sexist for sure, yet if you look at how the McCain campaign is using her they are keeping her quiet keeping her out of the spotlight and using her more to be a “pretty” face.  It is actually quite maddening to see her mocked by her own campaign partner.  I think that they have destroyed her confidence and it is sad to see her stumbling over every other word out of her mouth.

Biden=The Gaffeomatic/Gaffe Machine

This one cracks me up.  It is the truth though.  Biden does tend to stick his foot in his mouth although if you look at the sheer number of his mistakes and gaffes he is almost immune to them now.  It is as if everyone just shakes their heads and says “Welp that’s just Joe gotta love im.”

Political nicknames have often been used to try and demonize the opponent but it seems this year the names are more comical.  I haven’t really seen anyone persuaded from looking at Obama because he is a hopeful type of guy, conversely I haven’t heard anyone persuaded from McCain because he is old.  Most people are looking at more than the surface if they are involved in the political process right now.  The names will only start picking up importance in the next few weeks.

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