Posted by: endithinks | September 28, 2008

On grassroots organizers and Obama’s impressive debate

Obama did a wonderful job on the debate yesterday.  He was in McCain’s strong fortress and he not only survived but he actually knocked down the gates and stormed it leading the charge atop a wild mare.

Okay I’ve been wathcing Lord of the Rings too much lately, but the image is accurate.

Last night Obama was presidential and was in command.  He answered the questions accurately and with intelligence and he took the debate to McCain actually challeging him face to face.  He did not back down and he did not blink.

The debate in most media’s judgement went to Obama or in the case of Fox Noise a draw.  I think that is very telling that even the crew at Fox could not award the debate to McCain.

I’ve talked to many people today who have told me that the debate has made them take a second look at Obama.

Watch the debate here if you haven’t seen it.


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