Posted by: endithinks | September 24, 2008

On McRove’s obvious tactics

McCain today suspended his campaign in the most obvious Hail Mary hope for some sort of miracle bottom of the ninth inning home run to win the game. 

McCain Suspends

Such an obvious ploy to try and distract people from the fact that he is scared of the poll numbers and needs a time out.  What would he do if there was a crisis in the world ask the enemies to chill out?  This is such a ridiculous ploy.  He doesn’t need to suspend his campaign to go and vote.  McCain just wants to score some “Look at me I’m presidential” points that no one is going to fall for.

Obama meanwhile shot back saying that this was exactly the time that people need to hear from the candidates to tell people what their plans are going to be.  He also stated that the office of President needs to be able to multitask. 

Presidential debates took place during the Civil War for goodness sakes!!

What a coward.


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