Posted by: endithinks | September 16, 2008

On Negativity

This campaign season has lasted longer than any I’ve experienced and one of the worst outcomes of this drag on fight is the effect on how people view each other.  I am getting quite alarmed at the negativity that I’ve seen and actually felt in myself based on solely party lines.

I give comments to people on wordpress all the time.  I try to look at interesting blogs and comment when I think it is appropriate.  I never directly insult anyone because that is an immature and arrogant, but I do point on logical fallacies, inaccuracies, and holes in logical reasoning.  Now unfortunately people are acting in general like they cannot have a civil disagreement.  The mentality is “if you disagree you are a “liberal” or an idiot or other such nonsense.”

I am also seeing so many people being angry.  I was reading a so called Christian blog the other day and the author was spouting anger and rancor in a most unChristlike manner.  I think that when people ignore facts we are heading in the wrong direction.

Case in point the McCain campaign and its lies, honorgate, and false representation of its opponent.  There have been so many negative ads put out by that campaign that is it getting nauseating.

I’m not letting Obama off the hook either.  I am deeply disappointed that the ads are starting to be more tick for tack instead of focusing on the issues and the candidate who has the better plan for America.  I don’t want this election to be about “personality” as McCain’s campaign manager recently said a couple weeks ago.  I want this campaign to be about the serious issues we face as a nation.

The negativity is making me worry about the future of our country.  So many people are turned off the democratic process and so many are becoming hardened that they cannot even have a conversation with someone from the other side without throwing labels and ignoring the content of their arguments. 

I will say though that there still are those who can have civil discussions about issues and outlooks still in the blogosphere, but that is becoming more rare as we harden our differences and forget about what brings us together.

I am very worried about how we will govern a nation that is splitting further and further apart.  All true patriots should be thinking about this.

A great book exploring the facts of America splitting into marginalized and overly specialized groups is called The Big Sort.  It is a wonderfully eye opening factually based exploration of the extremism of American society.  The book focuses not only on one party either.  The book takes shots at all the mjor parties as well as lifestyle.  In fact politics is not about policies anymore; it is about lifestyle.

Pick up the book it is a harrowing read.  And please try to be civil to eachother.  After all we are all in this together.

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