Posted by: endithinks | September 12, 2008

On the Service Forum and observations

Last night Obama and McCain underwent a Service forum that focused on the issues of national service.

Both candidates were asked the same questions with a few differences in the follow up questions based on their answers.  I thought the forum was a success and I encourage more of these type of topical discussions.  When it all comes down to it it is about the vision for America that these two candidates bring to the table that must be the deciding factor.

People need to know the truth and as more and more people actually start to pay attention, this race should and must shift back off of personalities to plans and vision.  We need to know what they will do to assist this country in its time of need.

We are involved in two wars, are bickering and saber rattling with Russia, Iran, and in the recent weeks Pakistan, we have the highest unemployment rate in 20 years at 6.1% (by the way unemployment rate is only an estimating that does not include those people who have given up on finding work) and we are faced with an emerging economic challenge from the developing world. 

Firstly, let me state this clearly, I love this country.  I love it so much it hurts sometimes.  I know that with the correct leadership and a reengagement of our great people we can overcome these challenges like we have overcome the challenges in the past.  My one great issue with how people are viewing this election is that people are basing their choices sometimes on the illogical stance of Fear.

Fear is the mindkiller.  Fear has proven to lower IQ when someone wallows in it.  We cannot afford to give an election to someone due to being afraid.  We must see past that fear and see the bigger picture. 

Unfortunately, McCain is running his campaign on two major issues: fear, and now personality of his VP.  He cannot run on the issues that are gripping people everyday because he has nothing to offer.

Get to know the facts before you make any decision.  That is the essence of our democracy.  Facts not gut feelings.  Facts not fear. 

Fear is the coward’s way.


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