Posted by: endithinks | September 9, 2008

On the Elephant in the room

(Note the following was not by me, but it is used with permission.  The metaphor begins with a wounded Elephant scared and thrashing.)

The wounded Elephant is sad to see, even though the elephant had basically gone rogue and was destroying the village, so to speak. But he is also dangerous and unpredictable, beyond doing as much damage as he can in his rage and desire to escape the consequences of his actions.

And there are a great many elephant lovers out there, blinded by loyalty apparently, that will try to explain away or justify his actions, no matter how destructive to the safety of the other villagers. Usually their homes are either situated high on a hill, far removed from the path of destruction, or such ramshackle hovels that it will only take them a few days to rebuild. And they believe the elephant is essential to the survival of the village,  and things will be fine again after he calms down.  However long that takes.
It is up to us to see to it that he is dispatched as humanely, yet thoroughly and quickly as possible, for the mutual common good. What the elephant lovers don’t see, or want to admit, at least, is that there are a great many mules available to do the work of the big elephant just as easily, and with a lot less potential danger.  A few lazy or otherwise useless mules are replaced much more easily and cheaply than a large, expensive to maintain elephant, too.

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