Posted by: endithinks | September 8, 2008

On Apathy in the Political Process

I just finished reading The Big Sort a book about how the politics, way of life and beliefs are all becoming more and more extreme as people surround themselves with others that already think like they do.

The book is a harrowing tale of America becoming less and less united with clusters of differing groups slowly moving left and right depending on a host of different causations.  The book is an analysis of cultural change that is brought about by our highly mobile society.

In the grocery store just now a couple behind us was waiting in line to get their food when the male looked up at the magazines at the checkout stand and said “Oh it’s Sarah Palin.”  The partner turned to him and said “Who?”  I tried my best to ease drop, but they began to talk in the low secretive tones reserved for political discussions in public.  I of course was wearing my Obama shirt and tried to reposition myself so that the logo was in their face, but it did not illicit any comment.

I truly do not understand how someone can live in this country and not care at all about the political outcomes of the upcoming election.  The average turnout for presidential elections in the past have been somewhere around 30% of the voting age.  So that means that about a third of the country is decided for the rest of it.  That is ridiculous.  There needs to be a reawakening of democracy that is more than just bloggers and websites like,,, and the right leaning alternatives: right wing news, and

What this democracy needs is people to stand up and get in the fight.  They need to care more about the direction this country is going than who is going to win Big Brother or how Britney Spears will perform on the VMA’s.  Get informed!  Get Involved!  I don’t even care what side or sides you pick.


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