Posted by: endithinks | September 4, 2008

On RNC and the politics of fear

I’ve been watching the RNC everyday just as I did the DNC and I must say the differences in the two could not be more striking.

Firstly, let’s talk about tone.  The DNC was about moving forward, about change, hope, and concrete plans on how we would bring about the change that was promised.  The RNC has been about history, war, and fear.

Yesterday the RNC spent 80 percnet of the night toting the great Republican leaders of the past.  They gave biopics on Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan.  They even used the famous line of Reagan when he said he hates three things in life “Taxes, regulation and Soviets.”

The RNC has been hammering away at their own legacy never mentioning President George W. Bush and having him only speak via satelite.  They’ve strung together all the Veterans that they can find and have them sit in places of honor while McCain repeatedly votes against their needs. (Obama by the way lead the charge to overhaul the VA hospital that was leaving our troops in dire straights.)

Tonight the charge was “Look out it’s a Liberal!” delivered in his ra ra ra football chanting recalling mannerisms of Mitt Romney.  He got the crowd to chant “Liberal” after reading off what he felt were the crimes of Liberals.  He even ended with “Throw the Liberals out!”

Then send in the attack dogs.  Giuliani in a show of rancor and snarkiness attacked repeatedly Obama even mocking Obama’s work as a Community Organizer.  The crowd rolled in laughter after Giuliani said “He was a….commmunity organizer?”  So apparently working in the community to solve the problems that government cannot solve (something that Republicans say they want) is not worth the time or respect.

And the star of the show a self prescribed “Hockey mom” Governor Palin came out swinging.  She attacked Obama with straight lies and half truths and even threw out the borderline sacrilegious “Obama will hold back the waters and heal the world” in a sarcastic snipe.  She did not tell any reasons why she is ready to be Vice President at all.  Her most compelling argument was that she sold the governor’s jet on Ebay.

Governor Palin was sarcastic and mean spirited.  She showed no respect at all for her opponent unlike the Democrats who always made their arguments about the substance and policies of their opponents, not personal attacks.

And secondly let’s talk production.  The RNC looks like junk.  It looks like a telethon for a public access chanel trying to get people to donate to the Good Ole People so that they can get themselves some apple sauce and get home in time for Matlock. (Okay that was uncalled for, but I’m so angry right now.)


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