Posted by: endithinks | September 3, 2008

On Palin and Preachergate

This blog has been getting a ton of attention since Governor Palin has been announced.  It is a blog that is from an Alaskan’s point of view.  Today the blog is talking about the Preacher Problem that Governor Palin has.  The preacher is an “end times” preacher that believes we are living in the end of days.  Amongst some of the beliefs are that the United States is doing God’s work and the conflict in the Middle East is unnavoidable due to the Biblical book of Revolations.


Since when did seperation of church and state not have to apply to Politicians?  I still think it is ridiculous that Politicians have to “out Christian” eachother.

Watch the speech tonight.  Governor Palin has had speech writers from the former bush administration write it for her.  Let’s see how well Governor Palin performs it.


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