Posted by: endithinks | September 2, 2008

On Palin and the worst VP choice

Chalk up “Traitor” as another example of what Palin brings to the ticket.  Palin  was allegedly a member of the Alaskan Independence Party.  So she may want Alaska to secede from the Union.  That is treason.  That is what the south did that provoked the civil war.  Seriously McCain?  You picked a possible secessionist to be Vice President?  If the Christian right try to defend this they are the worst insults to themselves.

Alaskan Independence Party

Palin addresses the AIP

AIP part one

AIP part two

I cannot believe this!  I am sickened as an American that McCain would pick an alleged secessionist or a former secessionist as the second highest office in the land.

“We don’t say we are Americans, we say we are Alaskans.”

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