Posted by: endithinks | September 2, 2008

On MLK and protests

Obama has been gaining strength and his speeches have been gaining ground.  His historic speech about Race in the United States and his acceptance speech have already been catergorized as some of the greatest rhetoric in recent history.

Obama of course owes some of his eloquence to the tradition of African American orators.  I’m talking of course of the very controversial at the time Martin Luther King.

Martin Luther King Birmingham

This speech was written from a jail cell after the protests turned to massive arrests.  MLK had the strength and courage to fight for what he believed in even though his friends and advisers told him it was dangerous.

Obama has shown me again and again that he is willing to think and show thought in his words.  He is able to say more than just talking points and repeated misinformation.  I think that the tradition of great orators lives on.


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