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On Obama’s Accomplishments

Just a short list of some of the things Obama has accomplished.

Obama was an Illinois State Senator for 8 years 1996-2004. Chairman, Health and Human Services Committee.

Obama was a Constitutional Law Professor at the U of Chicago Law School 1993-2004

Obama was a Civil Rights Attorney – 1992-2004

Obama is a United States Senator 2004-present
Member, Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Chairman, Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on European Affairs
Member, Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions
Member, Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs
Member, Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs

Obama Education:

Columbia University
B.A. Political Science with specialization in international relations
Thesis topic: Soviet nuclear disarmament

Harvard Law School
J.D. Magna cum laude 1988-1991
President, Harvard Law Review

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Use these:

Senate Foreign Relations work:

Some of the work done by Sen. Barack Obama since joining the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 2005:


In 2005, Obama traveled with Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Ind., to former Soviet states and visited sites where nuclear weapons were being dismantled.

In 2006, Obama visited Africa, where he and his wife publicly took HIV tests in Kenya to encourage citizens there to do the same. He also met AIDS researchers and activists and caused a stir by speaking out against corruption and the corrosive role of tribal loyalties in the Kenyan government.

Also in 2006, Obama traveled to the Middle East, where he met Israel ‘s foreign minister, spent two days in Iraq talking to officials and military commanders, and stopped in the Palestinian territory, Jordan and Kuwait .



In February 2008, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved Obama’s proposal to require a new strategy to reduce global poverty.

In January 2007, the president signed Obama and Lugar’s legislation aimed at improving nonproliferation efforts, including eliminating stockpiles of shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles. Later that year, Obama proposed creating an internationally monitored uranium reserve that would guarantee fuel would be available for commercial nuclear reactors and dissuade countries from building their own uranium enrichment capability.

In June 2007, the Senate passed Obama’s resolution condemning violence by the Zimbabwe government.

In January 2007, he proposed legislation that would have prevented President Bush from sending more troops to Iraq and required troop withdrawals to begin that spring. Last November, he introduced legislation that would make clear Congress had not authorized military force against Iran . Neither measure received a vote.

In July 2005, the Senate passed legislation co-sponsored by Obama to provide $13 million for the Special Court for Sierra Leone to use in the prosecution of former Liberian President Charles Taylor.


Obama’s Senate Record:

Of the 15 bills Senator Obama sponsored or co-sponsored in 2005-7 that became law:

Two addressed foreign policy:

Promote relief, security and democracy in the Congo (2125)

Develop democratic institutions in areas under Palestinian control (2370).

Three addressed public health:

Improve mine safety (2803)

Increased breast cancer funding (597)

Reduce preterm delivery and complications, reduce infant mortality (707).

Two addressed openness and accountability in government:

Strengthening the Freedom of Information Act (2488)

Full disclosure of all entities receiving federal funds (2590)

Two addressed national security

Extend Terrorist Risk Insurance (467)

Amend the Patriot Act (2167)

One addressed the needs of the Armed Forces

Wave passport fees to visit graves, attend memorials/funerals of

veterans abroad (1184).

Of the 570 bills Senator Obama introduced into the Senate during the

109th and 110th Congress (Senate Bill numbers are in parentheses), they

can be summarized as follows:

25 addressed Energy Efficiency and Climate Change

Suspend royalty relief for oil and gas (115)

Reduce dependence on oil; use of alternative energy sources (133)

Increase fuel economy standards for cars (767, 768)

Auto industry incentives for fuel efficient vehicles (1151)

Reduce green house gas emissions (1324)

Establish at NSF a climate change education program (1389)

Increase renewable content of gasoline (2202)

Energy emergency relief for small businesses and farms (269)

Strategic gasoline and fuel reserves (1794)

Alternative diesel standards (3554)

Coal to liquid fuel promotion (3623)

Renewable diesel standards (1920)

Reducing global warming pollution from vehicles (2555)

Fuel security and consumer choice (1994, 2025)

Alternative energy refueling system (2614)

Climate change education (1389)

Low income energy assistance (2405)

Oil savings targets (339)

Fuel economy reform (3694)

Plug-in electric drive vehicles (1617)

Nuclear release notice (2348)

Passenger rail investment (294)

Energy relief for low income families (2405)

21 addressed Health Care

Drug re-importation (334)

Health information technology (1262, 1418)

Discount drug prices (2347)

Health care associated infections (2278)

Hospital quality report cards (692, 1824)

Medical error disclosure and compensation (1784)

Emergency medical care and response (1873)

Stem cell research (5)

Medical Malpractice insurance (1525)

Health centers renewal (901, 3771)

Children”s health insurance (401)

Home health care (2061)

Medicare independent living (2103)

Microbicides for HIV/AIDS (823)

Ovarian cancer biomarker research (2569)

Gynological cancers (1172)

Access to personalized medicine through use of human genome (976)

Paralysis research and care (1183)

20 addressed Public Health:

Violence against women (1197)

Biodefense and pandemic preparedness and response (1821, 1880)

Viral influenza control (969)

End homelessness (1518)

Reduce STDs/unintended pregnancy (1790)

Smoking prevention and tobacco control (625)

Minority health improvement and disparity elimination (4024)

Nutrition and physical education in schools (2066)

Health impact assessments (1067, 2506)

Healthy communities (1068)

Combat methamphetamines (2071)

Paid sick leave (910)

Prohibit mercury sales (833, 1818)

Prohibit sale of lead products (1306, 2132)

Lead exposure in children (1811, 2132)

14 address Consumer Protection/Labor

Stop unfair labor practices (842)

Fair minimum wage (2, 1062, 2725, 3829)

Internet freedom (2917)

Credit card safety (2411)

Media ownership (2332)

Protecting taxpayer privacy (2484)

Working family child assistance (218)

Habeus Corpus Restoration (185)

Bankruptcy protection for employees and retirees (2092)

FAA fair labor management dispute resolution (2201)

Working families flexibility (2419).

13 addressed the Needs of Veterans and the Armed Forces:


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