Posted by: endithinks | August 29, 2008

On Political Pandering and McCain’s VP

John McCain thinks we are all idiots.  He thinks by putting a woman as his VP all women will rally behind him even though his voting record is so anti women’s choice and anti women’s rights (no insurance payment for birth control, but payment for Viagra).  McCain thinks that we will forget that his main attack on Barack Obama is his “lack of experience” and Obama not being “ready to be commander in chief” and he selects a 44 year old two year governor from Alaska as his running mate?

Palin has 2 years of experience as governor and she was major of a town of 8000 people for six years.  So I guess that is more experience than Obama who had 8 years on the State Senate in Illinois and 4 years in the United States Senate.  Also Obama was on the Senate Foreign Relations committee, Veteran Affairs Committee, Health Education and Labor Committee, and Homeland Security committee.

McCain has pretty much shot himself in the foot and gotten rid of their only viable attack on Obama.  So I’m actually pleased with his choice.


  1. Palin did an utterly horrible job on Katie Couric’s interview. You can see why the Republicans and her campaign people are trying to keep her away from the press as much as possible.

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