Posted by: endithinks | August 29, 2008

On DNC part four

We have seen brilliance in the DNC this week.  This week was orchestrated along thematic lines that touched what Americans are really worried about.  Tonight we saw a theme of “everyday people.”  The people who spoke were regular folk: nurses, steel workers, teachers, writers all the people that make America great.

Tonight Barack Obama made history not only being the first African American to accept a major parties nomination, but also making a speech that answered the questions some people may have still had of him, inoculate himself from the Republican attacks that will happen starting, and as some people demanded throwing compelling punches at McCain.

Obama also made a point to talk about his family roots and how his family believed in hard work, dedication, faith, and helping others.  He said over and over again that he believes in the power and dignity of hard work.  He pointed the finger straight at families and told them they need to take responsibility for their children.  He pointed out about Fathers turning off the TV and helping their children with homework.  He talked about making sure the opportunities were there for those who choose to seize them

Tonight he put to rest so many issues that I would be very surprised if anyone who listened cannot say at the very least, he has passion, dedication, and a concrete plan.

McCain’s campaign of course responded with insults and mocked Obama “when the temple is taken down” once again being sacrilegious.  They tried to thump their own calls for Obama’s “lack of experience.”  Obama made a point tonight of saying he was not a Washington insider.  He pointed to that fact with pride and with conviction.  He said “Change doesn’t come from Washington; it comes to Washington.”

What a wonderful convention.  I’m looking forward to watching every day of the RNC as well.  I will report my thoughts on those as well.


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