Posted by: endithinks | August 27, 2008

On Clinton and a rousing speech

Tonight Hillary Clinton just hit a homerun.  Her speech was powerful, empassioned and she attacked the policies and beliefs of McCain on partisan and feminist lines.

She started by endorsing Barack Obama in no small terms.  She then went on to thank her supporters and she in a brilliant move reminded them of the journey they have taken together.  She then went on to directly challenge some of her more stubborn supporters “Did you join this campaign just for me?  Or did you join this campaign to help that mother with cancer, to help the poor and dispossesed?  Did you join to make sure that every American has the right to pursue their dream and live up to their God given potential?”

You could almost see shame in some of the spectators’s eyes.  She also gave a rousing shout out to Michelle Obama calling her a strong partner and a wonderful potential first lady.  She then praised Biden for his experience, his courage and his dedication calling him a good man.

She was on fire tonight in probably the best speech I have ever seen her give.  I watched every speech during those harrowing 18 months and I must say this is how it is done.  Kudos and thank you Senator Clinton.


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