Posted by: endithinks | August 26, 2008

On the DNC first night.

I will be trying to write about every night of the DNC and I will try to do the same for the RNC as well.

So a few highlights from tonight.

Firstly, the Democrats came out with a message of “here we are.”  There were no attacks on McCain or Bush as most pundits thought they should have done.  The night was a night with emotional appeal in Senator Kennedy’s speach and the brilliant oratory of Michelle Obama.

Tonight was a message of togetherness and of familiarity.  One of the challenges facing Obama is the fact that some people perceive him as different.  Tonight I think the campaign took the first correct step to close that gap and show him and his family as the same as you or me.

I think that we will see the fireworks and attacks from now on, but the campaign seemed to want to start off as a defining positive moment which I throughly enjoyed.

Of course James Carville the gremlin Democratic strategist just had to throw in his two cents of negativity.  He thought they should attack attack attack!


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