Posted by: endithinks | August 26, 2008

On DNC responses from MSM

Yesterday the DNC took the first step in their convention.  They came out with plenty of policy, pomp and circumstance and ended with an emotional appeal from Senator Kennedy and Michell Obama.  The night was uplifting and positive and attacked McCain from a policy perspective (with Speaker Pelosi) and then said to all who watched “we are just like you.”

But you wouldn’t know that from the MSM (Major News Media) coverage of the event.  The pundits attacked the DNC for having a “boring” night that was not full of fire and righteous indignation and attack attack attack.  The pundits even the folks over at CNN had their own panel talking over the presenters often garbling or blocking the speech from hearing.  The pundits were all saying the Dem’s missed their chance to come out of the convention guns blazing like Yosemite Sam.

I think the MSM got it exactly wrong.  The DNC on the first night had to address the biggest problem and that is the familiarity question.  People need to know that the Democratic party and especially the presumptive nominee are regular people, not elitists like the attack bots from the Republican party has been launching. (How someone raised with a mother on food stamps, and grandparents working blue collar jobs and then taking student loans is elitist is the biggest riddle I have never been able to solve.)

The DNC I’m sure will start biting tonight.  I don’t really like the fact that attacking is the name of the game in politics, but I am a realist.  The MSM wants to see blood and the DNC will at least throw a few body blocks and jabs.


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