Posted by: endithinks | August 24, 2008

On Joe Biden

Finally the wait is over and Obama has selected his Vice Presidential Candidate Senator Joe Biden of Delaware.

Now I was very happy with the selection and have been writing to the campaign trying to put my two cents in their already bursting piggy bank.  I am happy for a few major reasons and a couple petty ones.

Firstly, Biden is a Democrat through and through.  He has a voting record that reflects what the Democratic Party is all about, helping the middle class, being tough on crime using intelligence and force, equal opportunities, women’s rights to choose, against violence both domestically and internationally, and staying ethical and true to the constitution.

Biden has been the chairperson of the Judiciary and Ethics Committee and he is currently the head of the Foreign Affairs Committee, a committee that Barack Obama has been a part of since he started in the senate.  Biden also has a great history of writing laws that actually make a difference and don’t just rock themselves to sleep.  He has worked on creating bills that actually address the problems of drugs not just from the supply side ( a sucker’s bet) but from the side of demand.  He has also been a leader in stopping and prosecuting Domestic Violence.

Biden also assuages some people’s not connecting to Obama since Biden is the type of guy you “can have a beer with.”  I don’t know why people feel they need the President to be a bar hopping buddy, but that is another story. (Personally I don’t want to even feel comfortable with the President.  I should feel honored and out of my league.  I want a President who is smarter than me.  I don’t want to “hang out” with the “leader of the free world.”)

Also the ever shall I say, dedicated, Clinton supporters have so far been very positive about the choice with a few die hard holdouts still shouting from the back of the theater while everyone stares at the screen as the previews roll.  I’m very excited about what this ticket is going to do.

Also take a look at Biden’s acceptance speech here.



  1. Thanks for the info. I was one of those people that -until this morning- was still kind-of-sort-of hoping Obama would choose Hillary. However, I am slowly getting used to the idea of Biden, and if you give me two more days, I’ll actually get excited!

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