Posted by: endithinks | August 19, 2008

On Hope, the innate goodness of people, and Tribalism

Lately in my blog I’ve been focusing on politics, world events like the Russia/Georgia conflict, which looks at least on the surface as if it is in the first stages of being on the mend, an other such topical sometimes frightening occurrences.

I think it is important to once in a while take a step back and recalculate my attitude in regards to my beliefs about humanity.  first and foremost I am a humanist who believes that humanity is inherently good or at least inhereently protective of its own species and tribe.  I believe that humanity is built upon the center of respect, humility and acceptance. 

I think that events like disasters bring out the best parts of us.  When tragedy hits humanity is quick to respond and put our differences aside.  We shine the light on the problems and focus on those solutions.  Sometimes we forget those moments of clarity and of togetherness, but that won’t always be the case.  We are getting better and more forgiving.

It is the responsibility of leaders to recognize this fact and stop trying to separate us.  We want to know eachother and we want to both be protected and to take chances.  Leaders should follow the will of the people and humans are drawn towards eachother with a magnetism that cannot be defined, calculated, or reversed.  We always seem to have to come together for whatever reasons we want to use.  We can’t help it.

The other day my girlfriend flew off to San Franciso on a business trip and while that pains me as she will be gone for nearly a week, I did have a chance to observe people in another illuminating event, the airport.

People at airports are people at their purest.  You have those that are joyous, happy, and ecstatic to see their loved ones after jumping and yelling, the only real way they can express their feelings.  You also see people in despair, fear, and suspicion.  Some people are constantly looking over their shoulders trying to confirm their place.  The want to be wanted and safe.

Humanity has all the potential to be loving, understanding and self sacrificing.  I’ve seen and been apart of moments where people would go out of their way to help others.  I’ve shared looks with concerned strangers about children playing unattended and have sought out parents and discussed with them my concerns. 

We can and should look after each other.  We can and should be our brother’s keeper.  We are the only ones here and this universe is a big place.  We need to cling to each other and help bring us all up.  We can do it if we just start where every problem needs to start, with yourself.  Start loving yourself.  Start looking in the mirror and telling yourself that you are the only you to ever exist.  You are unique and special and you have something to say.  I can’t wait to meet you.


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