Posted by: endithinks | August 17, 2008

On the Forum of the Presidency

Last night John McCain and Barack Obama put it all on the line and sat down for an hour long interview with Rick Warren the pastor of the fourth largest church in the United States live.

The forum was a series of questions that the pastor asked both men one after the other.  First up was Barack Obama and he was calm, thoughtful, and seemed to really think about the questions.  He answered to Rick Warren having a conversation in his slow deliberate style.

McCain rattled off answers straight from his stump speeches even sneaking in a few “stories” that he had prepared ahead of time.  He even asked permission to tell them from Warren after he sometimes ignored or answered the questions very shortly with little depth.  He also managed to get his joke about the bears in montana again.

The forum was actually a very intelligent and well run function besides the posturing of John McCain and the stump speech regurgitation.  It was very interesting to see actual questions and actual answers. This was probably the first time in this election process that candidates actually answered interesting and relevant questions.  You should check out the encore tonight on CNN.  Even Fox news ran the forum!


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