Posted by: endithinks | August 14, 2008

On Russia/Georgia again

I was one of the few who was trying to defend the actions of Russia, but they haven’t made it easy on me the last couple of days. 

Firstly Russia agreed to a cease fire and then violated that cease fire.  Russia continued to roll around Georgia after making an agreement.  A nation must honor its agreements or no one will take them at their word.  Just look at the distrust nations have for the United States for instance as we have violated treaty after treaty in regards to Native Americans for instance.

The Georgian president is of course trying to embroil the United States into a fire fight with Russia by inciting lies and rumors.  He said yesterday that the United States was going to take over policing Airports and ports.  This claim was categorically denied by the United States faster than you can say "Not It!" 

The United States however is walking into a tiger trap by doing two humongous blunders.  First the United States transported Georgian troops from Iraq back to their country.  A “neutral” country transporting enemy combatants to a field of war is not a neutral country.  Russia however gave us a pass on that one.  In the past transporting troops to a battlefield was a declaration of war.

Secondly, the United States in its bull in a china shop international relations motif, is sending U.S troops with "aid" to the Georgian populace.  What type of boneheaded move is that?  Putting our troops in the middle of a shooting war and then asking for the enemy not ot fire on us?  Hello!  Why not use a truly neutral country to deliver the goods, maybe France, or even better a country with ties to neither Russia or Georgia.  Putting our troops in the way is the same as loading up civilians on vessels that contain military equipment and then complaining when they get sunk. (The USS Lusitania.)

I do not want any excuse for the warmongering Bush and his warhawks or as Jesse Ventura called them “chickenhawks” to have any excuse whatsoever for us to get involved with another war.  by the way we are already involved in two if you have forgotten.  Afghanistan and Iraq are still being fought.  We cannot afford nor should we be excited about the prospect of a third war.  If we can’t even fight a country that has been sanctioned for ten consecutive years (Iraq) and a country that has been repeatedly bombed and invaded by other superpowers (Afghanistan) how are we going to fight the second or third strongest military in the world?

And the more important question is who are we going to send to that third front?  It won’t be Cheney, or McCain, or Bush.  It will be the young, the poor, and the desperate.


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