Posted by: endithinks | August 11, 2008

On Hypocrisy

Bush and the major news media are at it again.  They are saying to “do as I say not as I do” in regards to the Russian response in Ossetia.

The major news media has glazed over the fact that the Georgian Army invaded a province that has been trying to have independence since the early nineties.  The fact that the Georgian army is the aggressor is lost on the major news media and on President Bush as they see the response from Russia as “aggressive.”

The fact of the matter is that Ossetia is a pro Russian province that has freedom and independance in mind.  Russia has also had peace keeping forces in the region for nearly a decade.  The Georgian army on Friday invaded the capital city trying to force the province back into the fold.

Georgia is a democratic country that has been trying to enter NATO for the past few years, but it has not been accepted yet.  The news media is trying to portray Georgia as a “Western” nation when it is nowhere close to that.

With regards to the invasion from Russia in response to the offensive attack from Georgia, President Bush has said “Georgia is a sovereign nation.”  Tell me Mr. President what exactly was Iraq before you invaded?  Was Iraq clamoring for American help?  Did you receive letters and emails and outright cries for saving from that country?  Bush can invade with impunity, but Russia responding to aggression is somehow in the wrong.

Now before the hate mail comes in I do want to address th idea of Russia going into other areas of Georgia.  In military strategy the way to win a conflict is to make it impossible for the enemy to retaliate.  The fact that Russia is following military strategy and inflicting harm on the military targets in Georgia is how they operate.  One nearly needs to look at the Russian response to Chechneya to see that when Russia decides to use military strength it does not hold punches.

Of course I am against war on all counts, but the fact that Obama, McCain and Bush are clamoring for the “innocent” Georgians is ridiculous.  On a side note Obama has asked for a cease fire so that the two countries can talk (diplomacy).  McCain has demanded the immediate withdrawal of Russian troops (bullying) and Bush is talking about how this conflict will put Russia and the United States at odds (fearmongering).

Read the story about the responses here.

Bush’s response here.


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