Posted by: endithinks | August 3, 2008

On GPS part II

Fareed Zakaria has done it again.  His new show on CNN called GPS already becoming my favorite news program had another brilliant episode on today.

GPS stands for Global Public Square and the focus of the show is International Relations in regards to American Foreign Policy.  A truly wonderful refreshing look at the deeper issues that we will have to solve in order for us to have a more secure future as members of the planet.

The show takes two or three major issues and spends an hour discussing them.  No 2 minute hack scream fests like over and Fox News or even in recent months CNN.  The topics are discussed by actual experts in the field not just talking heads or the regular pundits that are daily guests on shows like AC 360 and the pure entertainment only Fox shows like Hannity and Colmes.

Zakaria hosts the show with experience and the sagacious interviewing techniques of asking pertinent questions and letting the guest actually speak.  He follows up questions with intelligent replies and even thinks on his feet instead of having a rigid set of questions or an agenda.

Today on the show he was talking about the Muslim world and its fight within itself to be traditional and modern at the same time.  His special guest was a woman who had to flee from Sudan in order to escape Sharia law and have a chance at equality and human rights.  She discussed the dichotomy of nations of Islam background wanting some aspects of modernity and still wanting tradition on the other.  She expressed how frustrating and harmful the Sharia law that on one hand gives the husband the right to beat his wife (if you read the Koran literally word for word with no interpretation) but then on the other hand gives those same women the right to equal divorce.

If you hadn’t checked out the show yet you really should.  An actual intelligent discusion on a news network.  It is truly refreshing.


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