Posted by: endithinks | July 27, 2008

On Beer Festivals

This weekend in Portland is the annual Brew Fest.  It is a gathering of Beer connoisseurs, jocks, rampant drunks, belligerents, malcontents, short skirt low shirt wearing women, snuck in joints, patrulie, flannel and beer gut, orange beer helmets, random cheering, cheers and multiple crushing lines waiting for samples of beers they will most likely never drink again.

It is in short…fun.

We went on Friday evening and shared our time with all of the above plus a few other categories of people that I don’t really want to expound.  Well that is not true, the people down there were your basic Portland good people.  I really love this town.  There is almost always something going on in the downtown or riverside areas.

Brewfest continues to tonight and I am heading down there right after this post.  I plan on using my three wooden nickels to get three different samples.   On Friday I had Lucky Labrador, Deschutes, and Terminal Gravity.  All of them were pretty good with my hat tipped to Lucky Lab.  Tonight I’m going to try three different ones and I may update this post with the results.


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