Posted by: endithinks | July 23, 2008

On Where Have the Leaders Gone?

Okay I want to give a quick review to Lee Iococa’s book Where Have all the Leaders Gone?

I have mentioned this book before in this blog and the past weekend I finished it, well actually two weekends ago but I haven’t written about it yet.

The author’s writing style is conversational and you can almost hear him as you whip through the book like someone just having a palaver at the local BBQ. His style is unapologetic and to the point. He speaks from his experience and even from his mistakes. He has real questions that should have been asked by anyone who is a Citizen here in the states and he is darn funny as well.

I recommend this book very highly to anyone who has been disappointed with the lack of leaders in the recent years. It is time that we took a stand and started demanding our leaders to do their jobs. Or we should throw the bums out.

Also if you haven’t picked up The Assault on Reason by Al Gore you really should. Another fantastic book with a similiar theme about the lack of honest debate and reason in today’s political climate.


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