Posted by: endithinks | July 23, 2008

On Anacortes

We left Portland at 10:30 am on Friday July 18th earlier than most mechanical commuters, and crossed over the river into my nearly native state of Washington ten minutes later. The traffic was swift, light and as usual in any Northwest travel zone filled with SUV’s Semi Trucks, Tahoes, Escalades and the other teenage gas efficiency rates. Your basic American highway.

We spoke on varying topics in our four hour drive north. The war, Afghanistan, the economic problems we faced as Americans, Barack Obama, the illogic of a McCain presidency, you know the basic romantic topics any young and alive couple would contemplate and flit upon. Our conversation often switched in mid thought to another related topic, but we always were on similiar themes.

We only made one stop that was very impressive due to our non stop ingestion of Starbucks bottled mochas and vanilla blended coffee drinks chased by Diet Cherry Coke (for her I can’t stand the overly sweet, yet acidic taste and feel of soda) and various conveniant store “juice” and bottled water thrown in for good measure.

We made good time squeezing through Tacoma’s griddy locks and even taking the express lane underneath Seattle and actually having the lane do exactly what it claimed to do, express our way through the city traffic with no stopping. We fled following the North Star and our own sense of direction passing Seattle, University of Washington campus, and even Bellevue and kept aiming high in the north, more so than I remember towards that lovely port town of Anacortes.

A sleepy, by the Puget Sound across from Canada type of lethargic town filled with feelings of malaise, friendly stares and my personal favorite the jaw drop double take. Now to say that this town was bad would be a disservice, but it did leave me thanking visitors and clinging on holding on to their lapels and skirts and unsuccessfully throwing an adult tantrum to try and get my way.

The town has one main road that cuts the town laterally and is bisected by barely county legal town sponsored roads and classic car shows and the largest swapmeet, see trash recycling day. The main street aptly named “Commercial Avenue” is exactly as it’s name suggests. Most of the businesses are snug up against Commercial Avenue like babes to suckle. The interesting part of all this is of course of shores that are the “corporate” American selling machine. Walmarts, Kmarts, Best Buy, they all had local workers working their slightly mountain men attitude, one part welcoming, one part pumping a shotgun behind his back.

Okay that above statement isn’t fair. I did meet quite a few people there as it was for a good friends wedding, but I can some up the feeling of the town in two simple statements: I saw more Dino Rossi signs than any other politician, and the band for the wedding called “Hot Tamales” and they were the most unprofessional garage band playing 50’s hits and murdering them.

In fact they sounded like this here.


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