Posted by: endithinks | June 29, 2008

On Scientific “Doom Machines”

So the fellows over at CERN are ramping up for the powering on of the worlds largest “Atom Smasher” or Particle Accelerator in August.

Now, the reason this is a big deal is this: some scientists and skeptics are afraid of a black hole.  If you don’t believe me read about it here.

Now I’m no astrophysicist, but I have read Stephen Hawking (well at least his dumbed down for the masses A Brief History of Time) and from what I can understand about black holes, they would not be able to exist long here on earth due to a variety of reasons like the earth’s mass, gravity and all other sorts of astronomical phenomenon.

I am a bit concerned though that a scientific experiment that does have some potential for theoretical harm is not being put up to a world vote or something to determine if the benefits outweigh the very small, chances of DESTRUCTION!!!!111!!11!!

I kid I kid.  But you should definetely read the article.  And here is some more information here, and here.


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