Posted by: endithinks | June 23, 2008

On Inspiration

It’s been awhile since I’ve written about writing.  In fact some might say I’ve never really written about writing.  Some might even go on to say that I can’t write about writing because I’m too busy writing or something clever like that.  (Actually I don’t think anyone is saying much of anything about said writing ability or lack of writing about writing and then lamenting my lack of writing about writing.)

Okay now that that is out of my system (it was very much in the cadence of Whose on First in my head) I will now write about writing.

I’ve just finished rereading Stephen King’s excellent writing primer called On Writing.  It is a fantastic book about what it takes to make it in this profession some of us dream about.  Firstly it is written in his normal storytelling glory with personal anecdotes and his wry wit splashed hither thither as he tackles his main source of pleasure in his life writing.

I’ve been writing here in this blog pretty consistently and I am proud of that fact, but I need to get more of my stories done.  I need to really focus and now that I have quit the addictive quality of a certain online game, I may be able to really devote more time to my writing.

Time and practice and reading voraciously are the keys to success according to King.  He states that a writer who really loves the art will be writing everyday for some specific word count per day.  I think that that type of goal orientated writing will be the secret for me as well.  If I only write when I’m inspired I’d be worse than a copy writer trying to “sex” up table salt for the youngin’s in Teen Bop Pop Magazine.

I need structure and accountability.

I wonder if I should count my blog entries as part of my totals?

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