Posted by: endithinks | June 20, 2008

On Darfur, Congo and other war spots

The mass media has highlighted the conflict in Darfur, Sudan and brought this despicable conflict to our attention as it should do.  The attention in which the media focuses its eyes on the terrible plight of the refugees whose own government has abandoned and assaulted is the good work of the press.  I do have to applaud the many efforts that are being taken to bring this conflict to the hearts and minds of people around the world especially now that the conflict is growing in scale.  Read about the new developments here.

The Darfur situation is an example of old differences reincarnated into more modern realizations of them.  The tribalism and class system that is inherently the underlying problem has not been rooted out with time.  The differences that people have need to be addressed in open dialogue with a safe broker of peace and fairness in association to ensure that all sides of an issue can be brought to the forefront of the negotiations.  If you are interested in other studies about conflict resolution you should check out this site here.

I also wanted to touch on the fact that the conflict in Darfur even though it is a reprehensible conflict is not the only conflict or even the deadliest. The conflict in Congo has been going on for decades and it still has no end in sight.  The Congo is a large African country that is actually split into two distinct governmental units.  Congo.

Here is an article about some of the problems facing Congo here.

We need to open our eyes and do what is in our hearts to do and help our fellow people around the globe.  We could be doing so much more although we have taken a few steps in the right direction as evidence in our creation of the Africa Aids Initiative that was created by the current administration (their only positive legacy in my humble opinion).






  1. Hey, I like your quote “We need to open our eyes and do what is in our hearts to do and help our fellow people around the globe.” My thoughts exactly.

    “The Congo is a large African country that is actually split into two distinct governmental units” I’m not sure what you mean here. I’m not aware that it is split in two. Perhaps you are referring to the neighboring country also bearing the name of “Congo”? Or perhaps you were referring to part of the article on the ICC warrant which was referring to eastern Congo, where it said that fighting is still going on in two provinces (I believe it is referring to North and South Kivu).

    My impression of the Congo these days is that it is actually stabilizing. The UN sponsored elections there last year were pretty successful. While there is still some fighting, it has settled down I think, as many of the warring factions in eastern Congo are slowly being persuaded to stop fighting. Of course, the humanitarian after effects of the war are no doubt still quite serious.

    But thanks for covering this country. I dare say few in the blogosphere cover countries like the DRC…

  2. I haven’t done enough intensive research to write with any authority, but I think it is important that people know Darfur is not the only region that is still struggling.

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