Posted by: endithinks | June 14, 2008

On taking control

The path to impeach the president has been started by Representative Kucinich.  If you haven’t heard of this blame the non coverage in the media.  For the full story go here.

Obviously the effort was blocked, but notice the website that this news is reported on.  The major media have little or no stories about this important event.  The president has broken the law and the spirit of the constitution.  The constitution does not even mention “enemy combatants” it is a term that was created to try and use a loophole to illegally detain prisoners of war.

I have just written a letter to the major heads of many media magnates and I will let you know if I get any response.

For other ideas if you are sick of a president who blatantly breaks the spirit of the constitution because of “rough times” then you can go here to check out other ways you may be able to help.

The letter I sent was begging the mainstream press to do the job they were desigend to do and that is to inform the citizenry of events that are important to the standing and functioning of the republic.  The press is also a further check on the government that the founding fathers knew must exist to allow public discourse and a well informed citizenry to reply to situations that they were concerened about.

The Role of the Press (quite long)

Historical Perspective of the Press

Historical Role of the Press II

I know some of these are quite long, but I think that as a citizen of the US we need to know what is going on.


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