Posted by: endithinks | June 10, 2008

On Impeachment

An interesting development in congress today as Representative Kucinich has introduced 25 articles of Impeachment to the House floor.  Read about the story here.

Bush Impeachment

In other news Scott McClellan the author of What Happened will be testifying before congress.

Check out the story here.

McClellan Testifies

These are interesting times and I hope that more people become aware of what is happening.  This is not about your politics or my politics; it is about being informed and being a part of the democratic process which is the birthright and duty of every citizen.

In a sign of fairness here is an article of disappointment on both of the parties.


We are losing sight of what the promise of America is about if we continue to use racism and nationalism to dictate the lives of those who want better for their families.


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