Posted by: endithinks | June 8, 2008

On the love of Portland

It has been about a year and a half since I moved to Portland and I must say this city continues to surprise and wonder me.  This morning we walked down to the Rose Parade Festival and amongst the horses, princesses and non mechanized floats pulled by an American Mini Horse, we saw a crowd braving the very Marchlike weather with umbrellas , dog pillows for pooch, and smiles on their faces.

The crowd was standing or sitting, some even brought tents the previous night to stake out some territory for the long 4 mile long parade.  The parade consisted of marching bands (all you really need to move the crowd to their feet are drums and trumpets; somehow the beats and shrillness of the horns illicit a tribal, prehistoric rocking and rolling in even the most quotidian person) cowboys and Native Americans (all riding one after the other in a strange historical homage) and plenty of clowns.  I don’t know why people still like clowns, they really creep me out, but they seemed to get a great response from the raucous crowd who yelled out in engagement and asked the clowns to tickle their collective funny bones.

After the parade we went down the street to a Festival that had Ferris Wheels, rides, cotton candy, an exotic animal display that had live resued animals including: tortoises, a bobcat, a few different types of cobras in varying degrees of poisoning capabilities, and a tiger kitten.  The crowd of course was hovering around the bengal tiger, who relaxed and frollicked with other tigers of the stuffed variety.

After the exotic animal displays we headed over to the dinosaur exhibit where I’m sure I bored the company with my useless knowledge of dinosaurs.  As a kid as with most boys, I had a dinosaur thing.  I was actually really into it and many times I would be digging in the back yard looking for fossils.  I also had the ability as a child to believe in the age of dinosaur bones and the relative youngness of Earth.  Just, don’t ask me how I accomplished this.  I think I had some sort of time tunnel quasi scientific theory of dual universes worked out in my head.

The dinosaurs were compelling and they were all to scale for the most part although in a tremendous blunder the display had a neanderthal standing next to the Jurassic age dinosaurs.  Of course there were no Neanderthals that early, but I guess the ooga booga appeal had to be thrown in there for the kiddies.

We also while wondering downtown came across a huge paddle boat race that had dozens of teams racing in the river.  There were some 30 heats of 4 boats each and the tents and costumes of some of the paddle teams( I’m looking at you No Mercy Corps) reminded me of my youthful days of cosplay and medieval fairs where I would pretend and act like a jester, knight or sometimes the fearsome JesterKnightSorcerer who scorched the earth with his laser fire sword and then told a satirical joke in iambic pentameter.

All in all a wonderful day that proves to me once again that this town was the right choice for us.  I am really starting to love it here.

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