Posted by: endithinks | June 4, 2008

On “Non concessions”

Last night was a historic night for the nation as Barack Obama won the Democratic Nomination for President of the United States.

It was a toughly fought campaign with many bruises and casualties, but now the party needs to begin the healing process in order to put forth an energized, united front for the fall.  These divides have been exploited and manipulated out of proportion for ratings and drama, but they are divisive issues and emotions that need to be assuaged.

I think that first of all the contest needs to be officially over with a concession or at the very least suspension of Senator Clinton’s campaign.  I am very proud that the country has come this far in such a relatively short amount of time to have on the tickets an elder statesmen, a woman, and an African American.  I think that just looking at the surface level, this contest has shown great progression from our deeper darkness.

I think that now we need to focus on the issues that this nation faces in an unprecedented issue based race for the Presidency.  I do think that the two candidates that remain have the fortitude and moral center to keep as much as possible this race to an issue based race that focuses on the differences in policies, not personal attacks, fear, and thinly veiled threats. 

Senator McCain and Senator Obama are good people who have differences in their priorities and their ways of helping the country, but I do trust them both to run a campaign that is based on facts, logic and reason.

I do think that the Democratic Party needs to start its togetherness now and I do put the main responsibility on Senator Clinton to bow out gracefully and then to charge forward in support throwing her very considerable weight behind the nominee.  She has a following that is very impassioned and dedicated to the causes in which they believe.  It is up to her to guide them to a position of support for the nominee and that has to start with an authentic, consession and congratulations.

Senator Clinton’s Speech

Senator Obama aiming for fall campaign



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