Posted by: endithinks | May 29, 2008

On Summer?

I won’t write here about how much the weather has been hectic and scizophrenic.  I won’t write about how we had snow in April and sunshine the next day.  I won’t write about the draconian effect the weather has had on people’s vacation and weekend plans.  I won’t dedicate an entire blog post to some silly rant about Mother Nature especially when we are the ones who are part of the problem.  (If you deny human involvement in the climate you must be living under this.)(By the way there is this new theory called Global Climate Change I heard dem dare scientist like folk are starting to chat on and on about it.)

Anyway I am not here to talk about the weather so please ignore that paragraph above.  However, I am going to talk about Summer Plans!  Whoohoo!

The summer here in Portland means walking around and seeing the sights.  I’m really looking forward to sampling as many Portland Food Carts that I can since street food is so scrumptious and helping local business grow and survive.  Street food is so varied and you have the options of interacting with the owner operator in a 97% positive manner.  (I’ve only ever had one owner not be the chatty type and that was due in large part to my insistence on calling everything on the menu “Scrumptious!  Simply Scrumptious!”  I was having a hard time deciding and eventually the owner operator picked for me after I asked him to.


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