Posted by: endithinks | May 19, 2008

On “The New Politics.”

I envision a near future where politicians will no longer talk about their stands on issues or their core beliefs about the betterment of this society.  Politicians will talk about shopping lists of shame.

The new politician will have a team of crack experts who will sniff out and broadcast any deficiency in the politician’s past life.  They will be a team that digs up dirt and then the Politician will run on the “I did it” ticket emphasizing their own faults before the other team does it.  They will run on the lesser of two evils strategy assigning numerical judgements to their failings and crunch the numbers live on CNN. 

The process will be about outconfessing the other candidate and will go to show who is the most humble in their travesties.  We have already seen this happen in the Governor of New York who took over the governership after a prostitute scandal forced the governor to quit.  The new Governor the day after taking office gave a press coneference highlighting his extramarital affair of ten years previous.  He basically stole all the private investigators’ thunder.  He “I gotcha’d” himself.  A model to be followed by the future politicians.

In that vein, I once thought about stealing a pack of gum when I was a child.  Oh!  And one time I hit on a girl that probably didn’t appreciate my “Are those space pants?” come on line.



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