Posted by: endithinks | May 10, 2008

On the “Race Card”

I’ve been hearing and watching the news lately and the latest in the land of Politico is the pulling out of the most overly used and abused Political tool, the Race Card.

Senator Clinton in a phone interview was quoting an AP report that Senator Obama was losing his connection to “hardworking americans, white americans.”

The obvious fear that is being dredged up was also puppeted by another pundit today on Larry King Live who said she does not think that Americans in the privacy of the voting booth will actually vote for a black man.  She said that they will cling to their race when no one is looking.

Firstly the idea that the country is still not ready for a Black president (coincidentally Obama is half black half Caucasian, he could with as much genetic rights claim to be Caucasian) when the country has made leaps and bounds in its race relations.  Now of course there are still lingering problems such as the abysmal way that the powers that be are starting to demonize people of Hispanic descent, but for the most part we have made great strides towards a more “color near sightedness” than some folks would ever believe.

Let’s take a look at how far we have come.  We have had now two African Americans as Secretary of State the fourth in line for the Presidency.  Also just as a nod to our views on gender, the Speaker of the House the second in line behind the vice president is a woman.

The Race Card is a game of chance that may hurt the Senator from New York more than she may understand.  Making your opponent look “unelectable” is not a way to win an election.  You must focus on the issues and make your case why you are the best candidate not why the other is worse than you.  If she hits him so hard and he still wins the nomination how are her words going to be reversed?  How can you take back months of negative campaigning and say “I don’t really believe what I said before.”

A dangerous card to play indeed.


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