Posted by: endithinks | May 4, 2008

On GRE and being sensitive

Yesterday Val and I started our GRE preparation class. It lasted from 12 noon to about 3 o’clock and it was a great experience that reminded me about what it feels like to be a student again.

We have had a long time with the GRE on our mind and this class was the first step in our new dedication to our dream of going to Grad school.

I have long felt that I am a snob when it comes to the power of education.  I often have a hard time understanding the lack of love and zest for learning that fills my head nearly every day (other days my head is filled with cream filling).  I truly do believe that learning is one of the most amazing experiences that one can have.  I crave knowledge, understanding and the exploration of the unknown.

I have  a student who has quit with one month to go and it is tearing me apart inside.  I am so incensed that this person who is a great student would stumble right at the finish line and set such a horrendous example for her three kids that are watching her every move.  She is throwing away a chance that many people do not ever have the opportunity to have and it blows my mind that she is willing to trash not only her last 9 months of effort, but a large nonrefundable amount of money.

I do need to work on my sensitivity that the everyday student may not be a knowledge nerd like I am.  I need to be a bit more sensitive to the needs of those who feel mental challenges are obstacles to be overcome not opportunities for growth.  I need to, but I don’t know if I can.



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