Posted by: endithinks | May 4, 2008

On Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo is not just an excuse to drink Cervaza and eat plenty of nachos and salsa (although there is never a reason not to eat nachos and salsa) it is a significant American Holiday.

America owes a large debt to the Mexican Army from the moment they defeated the French army under the command of Napoleon III.  The french had planned on making an Empire in Mexico and bludgeoning the Monroe Doctrine of U.S. dominance in the new world.

The year was 1864 and the United States was in the midst of the Civil War.  It was a time of uncertainty about the future of the less than one hundred year old nation and the presence of a strong, militarily superior nation to our south would have not only threatened our dominance, but also threatened our autonomy and unity.

The emperor planned on aiding the South in its struggle to become a seperate nation and if not for the bravery and spirit of the Mexican army they would have succeded.  Would we even be a United States if not for our neighbors to the south?  We owe them.


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