Posted by: endithinks | April 21, 2008

On Controversy

Today in the break room we got into a discussion about some controversial topics that was quite interesting.

The school in which I work has a massage program and in this program they teach about the fundamental ideas about massage and introduce some other modalities of massage such as Asian, Deep Tissue and the like.  One of the other things that I just learned is not a part of the official curriculum is that of Reiki.

Reiki is a practice that allegedly uses energy to heal others.  It is not a modality that is embraced by all massage therapists and you do not have to be a massage therapist to learn it.  The discussion was about the appropriateness of teaching something not in the curriculum that has pseudo religious undertones.

Some of the instructors were a  bit upset that something that seemed religious was being taught in the classroom and spoken of in reverent tones instead of being mentioned as something that is out there in the world of massage.   (I don’t have a problem with mentioning procedures and techniques that may be encountered as long as the different non curriculum materials are not endorsed.)  The problem that a few staff memebers had and the discussion in the break room was in the fact that the practice can be viewed as a religious practice.

As we all know Religion is not a safe topic to discuss at work.  More people have been hurt in the name of religion than any other single topic in history.  So any leaning either this way or that needs to be strictly restricted and regulated.

I will update you on the fallout when it happens.


  1. That’s an interesting context for the age-old religion-in-the-workplace discussion… and really it’s about religion in the classroom… very intriguing and massage practices would never have occurred to me as controversial in a religious sense. Keep us posted. 🙂

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