Posted by: endithinks | April 11, 2008

On Being a “Fixer”

I have always been the person that feels what other people feel and then feel the need to fix it.  I’m what you call a fixer.  I am a caregiver type of personality that sometimes gets me in a lot of trouble.

When I see someone in trouble or about to make a mistake I jump in like a caped crusader and “save the day.”  This morning I did just that when a student was telling me plans about how they were going to talk to their employer about changing their hours once again (they had already done it twice to accommodate the student’s schooling) to give them more time with her child.  I told her not to do it.  I told her to concentrate on keeping the job she has since the economy is not so friendly to job seekers.  I pointed out that they had already bent over backwards to accommodate her and I would hate to see her lose her job because of being too much trouble for the time. 

She also has a son that she is raising on her own (father of the child in jail) and she has no savings.  If she lost her job she would have nowhere to go.  I told her it is not worth risking both of their livelihoods for a slight reprieve.  I hope I did the right thing.

Once in a while I will throw out advice when the speaker doesn’t even want it.  Who am I kidding most of the time I am biting my tongue just waiting for the chance to install some sage like advice that I rarely follow myself.

Wait a second that is being a bit unfair to myself.  I do tend to follow the advice that I give out pretty well with only a few exceptions (like my post On Wasting Time) but besides that I don’t consider myself a hypocrite, except when I am.

Most of the time I have a big problem accepting compliments and I always make a joke or try to downplay them.  This morning I had a student tell me that I am a good teacher and I “It is not the teacher it is the student” it off.  They of course were happy about that, but I didn’t really need to do that.

Being a “fixer” is often due to ego and I hope that that is not my motivation.  In fact I know it isn’t.  I’m the most humblest guy I know.  I’m so humble I’m actually Humb.

(That was a joke hehe.)



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