Posted by: endithinks | April 10, 2008

On MLK part two

Today I read an article that had to be commented on.  The article found here is a perfect example on how the glorification of the violent, criminal black person is having deep ramifications across the community.

The image of Black people has changed dramatically throughout the history of the United States based on the whims and desires of those in charge of media and power and what they wanted to achieve.  These images and stereotypes are artificial, created, and based on nothing but the imaginations of those who propogate them.  The most damaging part of stereotypes however, is the fact that people that are the target of those stereotypes sometimes fall victim to them and then think that is the accepted behavior.

The idea of a person who is above their culture is an idea that takes an extremely strong person to pull off.  The culture that one is raised in and surrounded by is the basis on which you make decisions and judgments about the world as it is.  Culture is invasive, perverse and sometimes extremely persuasive.  One must think in a different way or be exposed to other ways of thinking or living to counteract the amount of information dumped on an individual.

Stereotypes and promotions of negative, insulting “heroes” is the realm of the powerful and the bane of the weak.  We must stand up and be willing to be disdained, or ridiculed to counteract the constantly changing images that others try to heap on you.  Be strong and be true to yourself.



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