Posted by: endithinks | April 4, 2008

On Distractions

I want a to take a break from the usual talk here about professionalism (or whatever is on my mind at the time) and write about the number one reason people never reach their dreams and their goals: distractions.

Distractions come in many forms are are specific for each person.  Some people are distracted by obligations both to family and friends, some people are distracted by hobbies that eat up their time or drown their ambitions.  Some are distracted by love although that is not really a bad distraction at all.  After all “all you need is love.”

Still others are distracted by what I like to call the “Keep them unhappy and materialistic and laughing” distraction that comes in the forms of advertisements, television, movies and music.

First of all not all television is bad of course there are some quality shows on the tube once in a while, but the vast majority of them are set about to deaden the mind, make us dissatisfied with our lot in life and unsatisfied with our stuff that we own.  This is called advertisement.  The advertising industry is all about making people want more and more while discarding their former stuff they really wanted without a second glance.  It is the new toy, the new garden gnome, the new nu.  It amounts to always making people look forward and never stop and look at how far they have always come.

Distractions make us either hyper focused on the next big thing, or they deaden our ambition by attrition.  Turn on your average television show and just observe it with a mind full of awareness and you will see how ridiculous most “entertainment” really is.

Yesterday in class I made a opinionated statement about being mindful of how you entertain yourself and which television and movie studios you want to reward with your hard earned money and your never to be returned time.  I mentioned how watching someone get slapped in the face, hit in the groin and make references to gastric problems is both juvenile and damaging.  We are allowing our lives to be blasted away with the cathode tube and google.  Fight your distractions snd live your dream.  You only have this one chance to reach your goals.

If you haven’t any dreams left to dream I suggest you start taking serious stock on what you are doing and realize that your legacy, the way people will remember you is on the line with every breath you take.

Okay the collection plate is being passed around. (Sorry for the preachy rant.)


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